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PC-SIG Diskette Library (Disk #830)

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Information about “WAMPUM”

One of the database granddaddys of the Shareware revolution, WAMPUM
provides the richest assortment of database management functions for
the lowest cost of any database product in the world!

WAMPUM can be loaded as a pop-up TSR, occupying less than 20K of RAM
while your other favorite programs remain active in the foreground. It
provides fully relational, menu-driven database management using dBase
III-compatible databases. Virtually all features of the dBase language
are supported, including dBase-compatible reports and labels. WAMPUM
adds a host of features of its own, including PowerBrowse (a
spreadsheet-like database manager), form letters, a phone dialer, and
many other original touches. Now WAMPUM supports creation of graphics
databases with picture fields using .PCX-compatible graphics files.

COMPUTER SHOPPER hailed WAMPUM as, "a gift-horse you CAN afford to
look in the mouth." Wampum's form letter generator was rated by DATA
BASED ADVISOR as, "the only tool you'll ever need." And PC WORLD

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #0830

 Volume in drive A is #830 S4.2
 Directory of A:\

WAMPUM42 EXE    234283   8-25-90   9:13a
WAMPDOC  EXE    127581   8-25-90  10:14a
        2 file(s)     361864 bytes
                           0 bytes free

PC-SIG Library Disk #0830