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Disk No: 2533                                                           
Disk Title: Earthwatch                                                  
PC-SIG Version: S1.2                                                    
Program Title: Earthwatch                                               
Author Version: 1.2                                                     
Author Registration: $25.00                                             
Special Requirements: CGA.                                              
EARTHWATCH is a graphic display program that displays in real-time a    
dynamic Merator projection map of the world.  It includes almanac       
information such as:                                                    
~ Graphical presentation of daylight and night areas of the earth       
~ Sunrise and sunset times for a specified location                     
~ Comparison of sunrise/sunset time with those of previous day          
~ Days until the beginning of next season (solstices & equinoxes)       
~ Percentage of daylight for present date at specified location         
~ Time of day in each of the world's time zones                         
~ Date on either side of the International Date Line                    
~ Present sunrise and sunset zones throughout the world                 
~ Position, age, and phase of the moon                                  
~ Position of the sun along the analemma path.                          
You can now replace your ordinary calendar or screensaver program with  
EARTHWATCH.  It's an informative and fascinating earth monitoring clock.
1030D East Duane Avenue                                                 
Sunnyvale  Ca. 94086                                                    
(408) 730-9291                                                          
(c) Copyright 1989 PC-SIG, Inc.                                         

Directory of PC-SIG Library Disk #2533

 Volume in drive A is #2533  S1.2
 Directory of A:\

BRUN45   EXE     77440   9-28-88   1:43a
EW       EXE     74874   1-27-91  11:07a
FILE2533 TXT      3035   2-12-91   6:26a
GAZ      DAT     25124   1-27-91  10:29a
HELP     DAT      5717   1-27-91  10:25a
HLITE    DAT        99   4-25-91   4:12p
LOCATION DAT        36   4-25-91   4:12p
MAP      DAT     16391   1-27-91   9:56a
README   DAT      3430   1-27-91  10:08a
README   EXE      4994   1-27-91  10:09a
ZON      DAT     16391   1-27-91  10:24a
       11 file(s)     227531 bytes
                      128000 bytes free

PC-SIG Library Disk #2533