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Microsoft Windows 1.01 with CGA Display

Microsoft Windows 1.01, the first public version of Windows, was released on November 20, 1985. It is shown here running on an IBM PC XT (Model 5160) with a CGA Display. You can also run Windows 1.01 with an EGA Display.

[PCjs Machine "ibm5160-cga-win101"]

Waiting for machine "ibm5160-cga-win101" to load....

The above simulation is configured for a clock speed of 4.77Mhz, with 256Kb of RAM and a CGA Display, using the original IBM PC Model 5160 ROM BIOS and CGA font ROM. Even though the CGA was a “Color Graphics Adapter,” the only CGA mode that Windows supported was the 640x200 2-color mode, hence its black-and-white appearance.

This PC XT configuration also includes a 10Mb hard disk with Windows 1.01 pre-installed.

NOTE: The Windows 1.01 mouse pointer can be controlled with your mouse, but only when your mouse is within the “CGA Display” window. This is a restriction imposed by your web browser, not PCjs.