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Home of the original IBM PC emulator for browsers.


Welcome to PCjs

PCjs uses JavaScript to emulate a small collection of hardware and software that I grew up with in the 1970s and 1980s, allowing you to experience their slow CPUs, low-resolution displays, and primitive sound effects, all in the comfort and safety of your desktop or mobile web browser.

Over time, PCjs emulations have expanded to include selected IBM PC Compatibles and more classic machines, such as Minicomputers, Programmable Calculators, Terminals, and Arcade Games. To learn more or contribute to these very modest preservation efforts, visit the PCjs open-source project on GitHub.

PCjs Highlights

Explore a variety of old PC public domain software and shareware.

Interact with a variety of computer hardware and software from the past. You can browse many more combinations, along with a small collection of related documentation, using the PCjs Explorer.

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