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COMPAQ DeskPro 386

I finally dumped the COMPAQ DeskPro 386/16 ROMs from the motherboard I bought on eBay last year, so I’m ready to begin adding 80386 support to PCx86.

I’d also like to locate a copy of the “COMPAQ DeskPro 386 Technical Reference Guide, Volumes 1 and 2”. It’s not hard to find COMPAQ Maintenance and Service guides online, but their Technical Reference guides are much rarer, perhaps because they were expensive ($149) and not many were sold. Anyway, I’m hoping to either borrow or buy a copy, and then scan and post it.

A COMPAQ DeskPro 386 test configuration is displayed below. The configuration doesn’t run, and the debugger can’t disassemble 80386-specific code yet, but this is what I will be using to test and debug my changes over the next few months.

[PCjs Machine "deskpro386"]

Waiting for machine "deskpro386" to load....

Jeff Parsons
Feb 22, 2015